Goldsmith Alaranta

After graduating as a goldsmith artisan I decided to take bull by the horns and begun fulfilling my dreams of first class skull jewelry. On the way I increased my professional skills by completing the degree of Goldsmith Apprentice.

Komeet Jewelry was born.

When I do something, I aim to perfection and I have to feel proud of what I've done, so when I unleash something from my hands to the world I make sure that only surprises to the customer will be positive! Things I do are made to last. Jewelries are made for the customer and I am more than thrilled to hear if you have something special in mind as a jewelry.

On top of the traditional goldsmith materials, gold and silver, I also work with titanium and zirconium which resembles titanium except it can be oxidated to an extremely nice black. I like to use stones that will last the tests of life and they are setted to stay.

Workshop and golsmith himself are located in Finland, in city of Tampere and in so called Finlayson Area at the premises of Aurifaber. There are four of us under the same roof! Goldsmith Petri Malinen and hand engraving goldsmith Jari-Petteri Hänninen. Ville Kyllönen bringing some new blood to the workshop.