Ordering and shipping

As a goldsmith, proud of my own craftsmanship, I ensure that every piece of jewelry that leaves my workshop is something I can say about with pride: "I made this." Even after decades.

Products of Komeet Jewelry have a 14 days satisfaction guarantee, so if you should notice something to complain about your new jewelry, don't hesitate to contact me as soon as possible, jewelry I make are after all made for you specially.

At the moment the easiest way to order Komeet Jewelry to outside Finland is through Komeet Jewelry's Etsy shop.

You can also contact the goldsmith by sending an e-mail to alaranta(a)komeet.fi

I'm so confident about my products that all my items have lifetime guarantee. Not two or ten years, but a lifetime. This guarentee includes the cases of normal life, if the item let's say gets under bulldozer, I may have to ask a small compensation for fixing it to Komeet style first rate condition.

If you are living outside EU you will be responsible for all duties, fees and taxes imposed by the customs of your own country.